"We need to create special, protected zones for people to be quiet and serene and not lose their happiness." -Slava Polunin, Russian Master Clown

For the moment, the June 18,2020 edition of The Cabins is still taking place. Applicants will be notified should there be program changes because of Coronavirus.

Applications for the 2020 June program are open from Nov. 30 2019 until March 15, 2020. The June program begins Thursday night, June 18th, and ends Monday morning on June 22. (Participants can leave Sunday evening after the closing dinner if necessary.)


This year, there are both private and shared rooms available. Additionally, thanks to the generous participation of Norfolk residents, Norfolk admirers, Salisbury Bank and assistance from the Coalition for Sound Growth, full scholarships are available. Please see the scholarship section below for more information, and note on your application if you are applying for a scholarship.


Please send the following to thecabinsretreat@gmail.com to apply for the June 18-22, 2020 session by March 15, 2020. You can address your application to the Admissions Board.

  • Your website or bio with links to your work (if applicable)

  • A statement of intent (250 words max). Please include why you would like to attend The Cabins, how you think you can enrich the group experience, and what you think you would like to teach your 40-minute Master Class on if accepted

  • First and second room choice (please see Accommodation + Rates section for room rates)

  • Note whether you are applying for a scholarship, and whether you would still like to be considered for the program if you do not receive a scholarship.

  • Have any special needs or mobility concerns we need to know about? Help us understand how we can best accommodate you in a small group. 

  • Contact information: Include your name, address, telephone number, preferred gender pronouns, and birth date with your email (to the extent possible, we like to keep our program intergenerational). And let us know how you found us!


Applicants will be notified by the beginning of April 2020 about their status.

There are less than 10 spots available every year, so we’ll be using the following criteria to create a symbiotic group for the retreat:

  • Participants’ ability and willingness to contribute to an inspirational, safe, and healthy group experience for all

  • Artistic merit

  • Creative balance—applicants should represent a range of disciplines across the creative arts

  • Inclusivity: As a program based on the exchange of knowledge and experience, we strive for a diverse representation of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, class and creed among our participants, and accordingly, we are prioritizing applications from underrepresented artists in the creative arts. We are currently working to make our accommodations more easily accessible to people with mobility issues. Please contact us so we can talk through any accessibility concerns that you might have.



Thanks to the generous participation of local Norfolk residents, Norfolk admirers, Iron Bank, Harney and Sons Tea, Pie Hill Farm and assistance from the Coalition for Sound Growth, several scholarships have been established to grow awareness about diversity in the creative arts:

  • The Broadleaf Scholarship celebrates the work of creative people who are traditionally under-represented in the creative arts. PoC/Indigenous, religious minorities, LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply. This is a full scholarship with shared rooms in "The Flippery" (a separate house on the property with two different sleeping areas and a half bath. See the accommodations section for photos). We are working to make our lodging more accessible to people with mobility issues. Please contact us if you have a disability and are interested in applying for this scholarship so that we can find the right accommodation for you.

  • The Freya Project Scholarship: The Freya Project is an organization that sparks community activism through storytelling. This year, The Freya Project is sponsoring a full scholarship for a woman or a non-binary person to attend The Cabins. This is a full scholarship with lodging in The Flippery.

  • The Cabins Scholarship for Women in the Creative Arts celebrates creative women at various stages of artistic development who are working to make their voices heard in their chosen discipline(s). This is a full scholarship with lodging in The Flippery.

  • The Cabins Connection Stipend Retreat participants become part of The Cabins community, networking and exchanging both good news and frustrations about their ongoing creative work long after the retreat. Many of our Cabiners have gone on to form abiding friendships and creative partnerships with their fellow bunk mates. This partial scholarship covers $50 of tuition for a student who was recommended by a past 2018 participant. Please cite the name of The Cabiner who recommended you on your application.

Please note in your application whether you are applying for a scholarship. Scholarship students are placed in shared rooms. If you are applying as a couple or partnership, you must choose a private room and a supplement will be applied for the second person.  (To keep the group dynamics comfortable for everyone, only one couple/partnership will be accepted per session.) You can learn more about the room set-ups in the accommodations section. You must be 21 years or older to apply to The Cabins.

Please visit our donation information to find out how you can sponsor a scholarship or donate to The Cabins!