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"We need to create special, protected zones for people to be quiet and serene and not lose their happiness." -Slava Polunin, Russian Master Clown



During the worst parts of COVID when we couldn't safely run our group retreats, we started offering solo retreats in inspirational locations for artists of all kinds. From Yuba County, California to the Catskills in New York, our solo retreats are now a cornerstone of our annual programming.

In the spirt of community-building that The Cabins represents, all of the properties for the solo residencies are being shared by either board members or former Cabins participants. We are incredibly grateful for the support our own artists are showing other artists as we make our way back to our individual practices and mend our confidence as creative people in a fractured world. To stay up to date on residency options, please sign up for our newsletter. If you have a property you would like to share with an artist, please send us an email.

Application information for our February Grantsville Solo Retreat is on the "Accommodations+ Rates" page.

Information about an exciting new retreat on the west coast is coming soon! 

Applications will be received and evaluated on a rolling basis. Those who are not accepted will be placed on a waitlist. The admissions committee takes the following into account while evaluating applications:

  • Artistic merit

  • Creative balance—applicants should represent a range of disciplines across the creative arts

  • Inclusivity: As a program based on the exchange of knowledge and experience, we strive for a diverse representation of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, class and creed among our participants, and accordingly, we are prioritizing applications from underrepresented artists in the creative arts. We are currently working to make our accommodations more easily accessible to people with mobility issues. 

  • Participants’ ability and willingness to contribute to a safe, inspirational and healthy experience for everyone involved, including property owners.

Please visit our donation information to find out how you can sponsor a scholarship or donate to The Cabins!

We are grateful to the following sponsors who make it easier, tastier and more feasible to run our various programs:

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