Until we can safely gather in groups again, we are holding solo residencies. Sign up for our newsletter for information on our group retreats. Good luck with your creative work 'till then! 


MEET OUR 2021 residents:

PIONEERTOWN, CA: Playwright Amanda L. Andrei will rewrite a screenplay about two sisters reconciling with each other when the lake in their town turns to chocolate, along with further work on a hybrid play about the emotional weight of learning your heritage languages.  


YUBA COUNTY, CA: Author/illustrator Booki Vivat of the bestselling FRAZZLED series, will progress on her illustrated middle grade novel for Scholastic about a creative child trying to make sense of a changing community and her place in it.

CATSKILLS, NY: Narrative audio journalists Caitlin Pierce and Allison Behringer will work on the next episode of their podcast, BODIES, which will follow a mother with achondroplasia—the most common type of dwarfism—grappling with the difficult decision whether or not to give her young child a new FDA-approved treatment that would “cure” her daughter’s own dwarfism. Would the treatment be a welcome relief from physical and social struggles of her six year-old or would it rob her child of the essence of who she is? 

ICEBOX, CT: Visual artist Min Sohn and writer Jules Chung of the creative collective UNATTENDED BAGS will continue mining the subjects of work, family, domestic arts and immigrant female identity as material to be examined and transmuted into joyful creativity. 


HAYSTACK, CT: Freelance writer Caroline Shannon Karasik will focus on her memoir-in-progress “More Than a Marriage” exploring what marriage can be outside of the confines of societal structures that many people  have come to know, uphold, and regard. Caroline has written extensively on the health of working mothers in America for The Cut, DAME, Catpult and other outlets.